Detox – safe withdrawal from drugs

Medical Detoxification (detox) at Hope Trust for persons addicted to drugs is a systematic and safe process, under expert supervision of a qualified psychiatrist and physician. While the individual is withdrawing, he is under 24 hour nursing observation in the special detox room.

The detox process is tailored to suit the individual – depending on the type, quantity, period of drugs used and the person’s physical condition.

Detox is done for all types of substances – heroin, cocaine, marijuana (weed), alcohol and others.

How to Quit Heroin and What to Expect When Quitting Heroin

Heroin addicts usually start their addiction with some other drug. Such as cannabis (or marijuana or ‘hashish’), then graduate to prescription painkillers and eventually start using heroin. Once they are hooked onto heroin, it begins to take a huge toll and it becomes extremely difficult to quit. Read more..

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