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Drug De-addiction to Stop the Devastation!

Drug addiction to any substance - hashish, heroin, opium, morphine, khat and pills – can be a devastating problem. Drug addiction destroys families and may kill the addict.

It is important that the family seek professional help from an experienced drug de-addiction centre. The drug de-addiction program should be safe, effective and confidential.

The drug rehabilitation program should be integrated and individualized to address all areas of the addict’s life. From detox to relapse-prevention, the drug de-addiction should use proven methods of drug treatment – medical and psychological.

Drug addiction treatment may also include CBT, Yoga, meditation and effective counselling techniques, keeping in mind the family and social background of the person who is addicted.

Hope Trust – Asia’s leading rehab

Backed by over 15 years of experience, the abstinence based recovery program is 12 Step oriented, with CBT, Yoga, meditation and expert medical and psychiatric inputs. The inpatient intensive program includes relapse prevention and follow-ups. The Family Support Program provides constructive support and care for the whole family.

Hope Trust has earned an international reputation for its commitment toward safe, confidential and effective treatment. Clients and their families from all over the world come to Hope Trust’s facility for recovery - located at Hyderabad, India.

Hope Trust is affiliated with leading treatment providers worldwide and works with several organizations and government agencies in India and abroad.

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